When Have You Edited Enough?

February 12, 2019 0 By Eleanor Pearson

Writing can be complicated. You want your writing to sound good to readers but every time you read it yourself, you’ll find something else you can change or rewrite. In fact, you could easily devote the rest of your life to editing a single article if you are a true perfectionist. The problem is to know when to tell the difference between a bad article that needs a lot of work and a decent article that is sufficient for your needs.


Information Provided

One way to make sure you’ve put together a good article is to examine the content that you’ve included. Ask yourself if there’s any information you have left out that might be helpful to your readers. If you’re not sure what people want to know, do some research and see what types of questions keep popping up.

Check Organization

It’s always a good idea to have some type of outline prepared before you start writing so you can keep everything well organized. Most copywriters have problems with organization and that’s one of the more tedious things to fix after the fact. So plan ahead of time so you won’t have to worry about major revisions to the rough draft.

Final Edits

After you’ve read through your article one more time for content and to make sure it matches the original outline, go through and edit for spelling and grammar. If you don’t trust yourself, have a handy editor friend who can be your eyes. Remember errors can be a red flag to readers and may turn them away, so don’t forget this important step.


After you’ve completed all of these steps, you can feel comfortable in submitting your article. Just remember to make sure the article is actually expressing the main message you desire, that it has enough substance to keep readers interested, and that is written in a conversational but authoritative manner.