Web Copywriting

Web copy that really does your site justice

Don’t overlook the copy

It’s amazing how many great-looking sites out there overlook their copy. Really good, functional websites can be an expensive thing to have made, yet so many are let down by substandard copy. It’s not even that it’s just lacking something, often text will be misspelt, with erratic punctuation, missed words and grammar that doesn’t make sense.

Web Copy

From a client’s point of view, if you don’t care enough to have readable text on your site, how great are your services going to be?

It’s understandable. A new website is like a new toy, and you can’t wait to get it up there doing its thing. Web copy can take ages to write, especially when you’re so close to the business and the product you’re selling. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be expensive – particularly when compared to the cost of the website. My web copywriting service will quickly provide you with excellent, readable copy that helps to show off your products and business in the best possible way.