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April 9, 2020 Off By Eleanor Pearson

Expert Copywriting For Your Business


Well written copy is a powerful sales tool. It can make you or your clients money. Lots of it. So a good copywriter is essential to any marketing campaign. The quality of the copy can mean the difference between a healthy marketing ROI and money down the WC. I’m an experienced, UK based freelance copywriter. My copywriting CV covers advertising copywriting, editorial copywriting, buy melatonin, creative copywriting, web copywriting (SEO included) technical copywriting and pitching copywriting for a host of global and UK clients. If you need a talented, cost effective freelance copywriter or in-house copywriter, I can help.

Freelance Copywriter UK

And how. 

Clients/accounts inc. Sun Microsystems-Oracle, Fujitsu, Adobe, Vodafone, British Gas, Centrica, Panasonic UK, Hotpoint, Nokia, Motorola, Sky TV, Haagen Dazs, Dell, Hewlett Packard, 123-Reg, Epson, Cisco, Wolseley, T-Mobile, RSA, Chrysalis…

Copywriting services include: Brochure copywriting, DM copywriting, Web copywriting (SEO web copy & creative web copy), Advertising copywriting, Concepts, Branding, Rebranding, Straps, Copy-editing, Copy consulting, & In-house copywriting cover

“All this and a sense of humour, too. Accept no substitutes.”

You know your business better than anyone, but putting those ideas into words can be tough. This is where copywriters come in. We’re there to help frame your ideas, showing your business in the best way.

I will work with you, making sure your vision comes across in text that reads well and is SEO friendly.

Make the most of what you have

You have an incredible product, company branding and a great-looking new website, but unless you invest in your site text, then you’re quite simply not making the best of what you have. Working with a copywriter can help to further develop the idea of your brand, honing those unique selling points and communicating them to clients in the best way possible through a variety of mediums.

I can provide well-written, professional copywriting text that sells your business in the right way, whether on your site, or as a part of traditional and online marketing campaigns. Finally, online, I can help improve your search engine performance by incorporating relevant key terms into site pages, or by creating well-written and relevant blog articles to keep new content moving through your site.

Take a look at the copywriting services I offer.