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Hiring a Amazon Copywriters Online

If you’re thinking about hiring a Amazon copywriter online for the first time you’ve probably already done some research about the process. And, you’ve probably read more than a few articles advising against it for reasons such as unreliability, low quality or generic work. However, the fact that you can write does not mean you…

By Eleanor Pearson August 22, 2018 0

Rising in the Ranks: Good Copywriting Works!

The Rank War Getting ranked higher in search engine directories is a continuous battle to be fought and won. Whether you’re just starting up your company website or already have one, you need to consider how effective your online presence is in order to boost profit and recognition. For this reason, most commercial enterprises seriously…

By Eleanor Pearson February 22, 2018 0

The Goldilocks Spot – Density vs. Copy

Copywriters hit this issue time and again when trying to write credible, persuasive copy that is, at the same time, not too heavy on the keyword density. You probably remember that strange, golden-haired girl and the three bears whose lives she wanders into. Remember how everything was either too much of something or too little…

By Eleanor Pearson July 10, 2017 0