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Sample work:


Krazy about music? So is Motorola. We love it so much we want to give you this MP3 play list. Check it: it features ten cool, soon to be red hot bands. Just snap the card into your born-to-play-music KRAZR and listen to the sounds of tomorrow, today. Then you’ve got three long months to enjoy these razor sharp tracks, absolutely free. After that, if you’re quick, you can keep up with them at music stores: the unleash dates of all the albums these tracks are taken from are. .  .
(C) Motorola


We know you work hard. That’s why we work hard to give you the tools to do your job properly. We go to extraordinary lengths to make sure Adobe solutions make it easy for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. So when we break bread with you, you can be sure that what you’re getting is the real deal – not some half baked alternative. Of course you might want to leave it all to chance. And of course that’s up to you. But we all know there’s a right way to do things. And then there’s software piracy.

Use original Adobe software and you:

  • will have the reassurance of knowing your software is legitimate – and more to the point, legal
  • have a partner: as a world leader in design and graphics, we can provide you with state of the art know-how, tutorials, and ongoing, expert back up
  • receive updates that ensure your software is always functioning optimally
  • can rest assured your project is stored safely and can be accessed easily

Not really rocket science is it? Not really.

(C) Adobe

Nokia Siemens Networks

Convergence: empowering your business

The Nokia Siemens Networks answer is simplify to diversify.

Our solution is to deploy a wide array of services across a number of fixed and mobile domains. But what we’ve done is take this notion to a whole new level of profitability.

We provide Fixed Mobile Convergence solutions for hybrid, mobile and cable operators whose benefits include

  • Flexible Scalability
  • E2E capabilities
  • Flexible Scalability
  • Convenient Mobility
  • Open Architecture
  • Feature richness
  • Easier network management via OSS & BSS
  • Enabler for Quadruple-Play

The result is that subscribers can access the information they want via any portal. The benefit is that because they are satisfied, they are more likely to renew their contract. The consequence for operators is profit.

(C) Nokia Siemens Networks


Panasonic UK

F1 Background

In July 2001, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd announced an agreement naming Panasonic as title sponsor of the Toyota Formula One racing team. That team was subsequently renamed Panasonic Toyota Racing.

The aim of the sponsorship has been to promote Panasonic as a separate and unique brand. It seems to have worked: a recent survey demonstrated a very positive response to the Panasonic logo amongst those aware of the Panasonic Toyota Racing team. This may be in part due to the ease with which the trademark blue and the word ‘Panasonic’ can be picked out on the Toyota F1 car amongst others on the Grand Prix grid and circuits.

The sponsorship, due to run until the end of 2006, has involved Panasonic supporting Toyota’s Formula One project by providing cutting edge technology in a raft of associated areas such as automotive electronics, AV, IT and Telecommunication – all of which are vital to an F1 team’s success in today’s ultra high tech world.

(C) Panasonic UK