Hiring a Amazon Copywriters Online

August 22, 2018 0 By Eleanor Pearson

If you’re thinking about hiring a Amazon copywriter online for the first time you’ve probably already done some research about the process. And, you’ve probably read more than a few articles advising against it for reasons such as unreliability, low quality or generic work. However, the fact that you can write does not mean you can write well or even write what is required.

Here is where you need to take three things into account:

The 3 factors

#1: What you would prefer to spend most of your time on, the writing or the stuff you’re good at? If it’s one and the same then that’s perfect. Stop reading and start writing! But if your skills lie elsewhere, then you have to understand one thing. Content can make or break your Amazon product page.

#2: It’s not just the product content but how it’s presented, the language used, the voice and so forth. You’re going to need someone professional to get all of that just right for you.

#3: The third factor is optimized content – not just for your potential Amazon customers but for Amazon search engine (also known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization).

If you are not comfortable with keyword densities and so forth it’s best to hire somebody to do that work for you. You can always tweak it around later to put in your own personalized touches.

Amazon listing optimization copywriter

Okay, so you’ve decided that you want to hire somebody for your Amazon SEO services. You’re going to want to hire somebody really good because as we noted earlier, your product listing content is possibly the most important aspect of your Amazon online presence.

A fantastic design with images will not get you anywhere if your content is weak, but the other way around, it still works. ‘So how do I know this Amazon copywriter is the real, honest, good-as-gold deal?’.

There are a few key ways to tell; read on for the how-to of hiring the jackpot:

Hiring a Amazon listing optimization copywriter

What is your potential provider’s online presence like?

His website is one of the most concrete indications of your copywriter’s abilities for both reader- and SEO-friendly content writing. First, it shows that they are at least familiar with website content writing and it gives you a chance to assess the quality of their writing ability there and then. Second, it’s a sign they take their work very seriously and will do their utmost to give you good quality, well-written content for your Amazon product page.

Some features you should be looking out for on their website include:


You’re going to want to see what else they’ve done before taking them on. Sometimes you can make exceptions but, as a rule, if you’re running a serious business, you want to hire a serious copywriter. This portfolio should be clearly mentioned on the website and should provide links to samples of their other work online.

– Testimonials. These are actually an excellent way to judge a service provider because most testimonials (if real) are given by people voluntarily.

They are never really forced and the fact that somebody was pleased enough with the provider’s work they just had to tell the rest of the buying world, should tell you a lot.

– ‘Contact Me.’ You should see a link like this somewhere clearly visible on the website. It should lead to a contact form (more common), a phone number, an E-mail address an actual address (uncommon), or any combination of these.

Other online evidence of competency can include blogs, forums, online journals or magazine contributions.

Ideally, these will be linked to on the main website but even if they’re not, they should show up in a search about the copywriter. This brings us to the last point about their ether-existence, namely, what kind of search results their name generates.

The results should include all of the above mentioned and generally anything you ‘Google’ about them should be positive and pertinent.

So, we’re done with the online presence. That was quite an eyeful but the following two are a bit easier to digest.

What kind of communication skills does your Amazon copywriter possess?

You’re looking for speed, clarity and honesty.

These are the qualities that will breed trust between you and your provider and trust is essential to a good working relationship.

The first two or three E-mails or phone calls exchanged will give you a fair idea about their skills.

Some questions to consider are:

Does the provider understand your requirements? Can they express your message persuasively? Do they respond promptly and properly? Good, clear communication is essential to you, as a buyer, so that you know what’s going on with the project. Make sure your provider understands this.

What kind of timetable does your Amazon copywriter follow?

It may well be that the Amazon copywriter you want to hire has a great website, lots of testimonials and great communication. Time equals money, however, and there are a few other things to consider.

For one thing, does your copywriter have time to take on your project? Ask them to be as clear and honest about this as possible.

Even if they have other projects ongoing, it is possible to come to some kind of workable compromise.

Second, where does your copywriter reside and can they do work according to your schedule’s demands? It may well be that you find an excellent copywriter on the other side of the world (like India or Pakistan).

Is the half-day lag going to be a problem for either them or you? Make sure you find out before engaging their services.