Green is for Go: 5 Smart Acts to Online Traffic Success!

November 5, 2017 0 By Eleanor Pearson

You write an article, submit it to a directory and then leave it there by its lonesome. If you’re expecting to make any profit from this, either directly or through links and search engine ranking, you’ve got to think again. A passive article invites passive reading with no other actions taken to help the popularity of your article. This is a call for five smart actions to increase traffic via your blog articles. Here are some blog facts that are smart.

Smart Act 1: Blog Your Articles

It’s a great way to add content to your blog and it won’t affect your search engine rankings. The way that works is the search engine (namely Google) will display one version of the article in the top ten while the rest will be found in following search pages.

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Smart Act 2: Mailing Lists

Keep sending your readers quality content in the form of your articles. They’ll enjoy reading them and refer some to others that they know, spreading your words around the ether. It’s also a great way to build a relationship with them as they read and comment on your articles.

Smart Act 3: The e-Book

You’ve probably written enough articles by now that you’ve got quite a few on related topics – especially if you happen to be pretty knowledgeable on a certain topic or two. Well, spread the love! Create an e-Book from a few of your good articles that you can then advertise as a ‘giveaway’ on blogs, squeeze pages, forums and the like. Make sure there’s good content in there that people actually find useful and make it easy for people to share and pass it around!

Smart Act 4: Video Articles

You’ve got YouTube, MotionBox, PhotoBucket and many, many more – what are you waiting for? Use any kind of movie making software to record a presentation of your article in any format that suits you and upload it! Put in links like sterke slaappillen back to your other articles, blogs and websites.

Smart Act 5: Sharing is Caring – Bookmark it!

Add bookmarks to your articles. Whether it’s Facebook, Digg, Twitter, StumbleUpon or Google (and there are literally hundreds to choose from) add this feature. A quick search should reveal the top five or ten bookmarks that should allow you to pick and choose the best ones to add in. It barely takes any more time and your traffic will go through the roof!