About Me

My name isn’t ‘Freelance Copywriter UK’, although for  SEO purposes, it might be nice if it was. My name is Jerry – not Matt below 🙂 and I’ve been a professional copywriter for 15 years. Although I like to think that, in many ways, I’ve been one a lot longer than that..

about me

Copywriting really is more than a job, it’s about who you are. Writing affects the way I communicate on all levels and the way I see the world. Whatever time of day I close my laptop, I never really switch off from it.

And this is why you need my copywriting services, because that passion drives me to produce exactly the copy you need. I want everything I write to be as close to perfect as possible,.

More than just passionate

But enthusiasm only counts for so much. My years in copywriting have seen me writing on behalf of NGOs and for all kinds of business, be it manufacturing, financial, retail or service industries, I tailor my copy to the individual customer.

An inclusive philosophy – building a relationship

I recognise that producing the best copy involves getting advice from the greatest authority on your business… you. Let me loose to write your copy on my own and I’ll do a great job, but work with me and together we’ll create something amazing.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of your time, and I guarantee that your involvement in the process won’t only produce great copy, but will give you a sense of ownership and a relationship with your copywriter that could prove valuable for years to come.