A Story of Reconciliation and Destiny

September 4, 2019 0 By Eleanor Pearson

God is in the matter of evolving names. There are a few times in Scripture where God changes somebody’s name. It is consistently the aftereffect of an immediate experience with God and it generally means an adjustment in status for the person.

Take Abram. God changed his name from Abram, “high father” to Abraham, “father of numerous countries.”. He was the dad of numerous countries God’s picked individuals. Has acknowledged God’s approach an adventure without knowing the goal. He confided in God totally and ages have examined how his life affected the world. What about his better half Sarai? God changed her name to Sarah. The old name Sarai “princess” was an announcement of reality an honorific if not an exacting princess-but rather the new name was an announcement of guarantee: the female authority would turn into the “mother of hoards”- including rulers and in the end the Messiah. whereby she would turn into a genuine regal mother.

Sup-planter, double crosser

At that point there is Jacob. Jacob signifies “sup-planter, double crosser” however God changed his name to Israel, actually, “He has endeavored with God,” or “He has been spared by God,” So Jacob, the sup-planter, progressed toward becoming Israel, a sovereign who won with God,


Shouldn’t something be said about the Apostle of Jesus, Simon, who strolled with Christ throughout each and every day. Simon was an angler who had an exceptionally basic Jewish name, yet Jesus had an unprecedented reason for his life and changed his name to Peter, “the Rock.” Although Peter was a defective and volatile individual simply like you and me, Christ would fortify him and fabricate His congregation on the establishment of Peter’s service.

Shouldn’t something be said about the incomparable Apostle Paul?

He was initially named Saul, which signifies “requested; or requested” Saul “was desolating the congregation, and going into house after house, he hauled off people and submitted them to jail.” (Acts 8:3 ESV) was “all the while breathing dangers and murder against the followers of the Lord” (Acts 9:1 ESV) when he had an actual existence changing experience with Jesus headed for Damascus.

So Saul was transformed from a man who was requesting that Christians either apologize of what he viewed as blasphemy or pass on as apostates, to a man who understood that he reserved no option to request anything and who needed uniquely to ask “Ruler what might you have me to do?” as such, he went from being extraordinary in his own eyes to being little in his very own eyes. After he lowered himself, he was lifted up by God. We know Paul since he is one of the top of the line creators ever. His letters, for the most part written in jail, make up a large portion of the New Testament.

So what does any of this have to do with my name change?

My story is one of compromise. I was really conceived Deryl Garrard Duer II. My folks separated from when I was seven and not long after my mother remarried, my dad disappeared from my life. It would be twelve years before we had any contact at all. That is an excessively streamlined variant of what occurred. Obviously, it was not almost that basic. Truly, my father committed a lot of errors, however I learned after I was brought together with him that he had really been attempting to discover us for a couple of years and had been persuaded to remain away by my grandma. However, to a multi year old kid, the uncontrollable issues at hand don’t make a difference – all you know is that your father is no more. I was lucky enough that the man my mother had hitched, Kevin Williams, was a decent man.

He raised my sibling and I like we were his own and in the end received us and gave us his name.The thing I recollect most about Kevin is the manner by which defensive he was, especially of the individuals who couldn’t safeguard themselves, and how gallant he was. Kevin genuinely exhibited what it intended to have a worker’s heart, at long last surrendering his life in the line of obligation as a cop to spare the life of another when I was fifteen years of age. It probably won’t shock you to discover that Williams is an English surname, a patronymic of William from the Germanic name Willahelm, which was made out of the components wil “will, want” and steerage “cap, security.” The name Williams consequently signifies, “Unflinching defender.”

Which returns us to the implications of names

Names were significant in Biblical occasions, to such an extent that God changed individuals’ names to coordinate His approaching their life. Our names are at the center of our character. I have been intentional in picking the names of my youngsters thus.

What does my name mean? As indicated by importance of-names.com, Deryl is a variation of Darrell. In English, the name Darrell implies Darling, beyond all doubt cherished, from the Old english deorling.

Garrard is English (mainly Lancashire) and French (Gérard): from the individual name Gerard, Gérard, acquainted with Britain from France by the Normans; it is made out of the Germanic components gar, ger ‘stick’, ‘spear’ + hard ‘tough’, ‘valiant’, ‘solid’. In English, the name Garrard implies valiant with a lance.